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Partner Integrations

STX Software proudly partners with industry frontrunners to offer top-tier third-party collaborations and integrations. 

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Product Sync & Integration powered by SalonInteractive

Inspire by STX Software and SalonCentric have partnered through the SalonInteractive platform to optimize your product ordering experience. Easily initiate product orders within STX and finalize your purchases at SalonCentric, all while availing exclusive promotions and loyalty benefits.

Inspire by STX & SalonCentric Integration Benefits:

  • Import your SalonCentric Retail & Backbar Products directly into Inspire by STX.
  • Auto-syncs nightly for product updates, images, sizes, and more.
  • Transfer Inspire by STX Purchase Orders directly to your SalonCentric Shopping cart.
  • Utilize Level Points for discounts on your monthly Inspire by STX Software subscription.
  • Sync Client Contact Info for SalonCentric Product recommendations via SalonInteractive.

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E-Commerce and Marketing Solution

Harness your salon’s retail potential with SalonInteractive, providing your guests with a frictionless online shopping journey. With SalonInteractive, salons can enhance retail profits without the hassles of inventory and shipping.

Inspire by STX & SalonInteractive Integration Benefits:

  • Seamlessly sync your SalonInteractive Retail & Professional Brands with Inspire by STX.
  • Nightly updates for all product details, including photos, sizes, brands, product lines, etc.
  • Sync Client Contact info from Inspire by STX to SalonInteractive for Product Recommendation & Marketing.
  • Instantly transmit Inspire by STX Purchase Orders to Supplier Shopping Cart for convenient ordering.

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Employee Tipping Solution

Empower beauty and wellness professionals with Tippy, offering instant, no-fee access to their tips while reducing salon and spa processing fees. Tippy’s state-of-the-art mobile app also promotes financial literacy and drives employee morale.

Inspire by STX & Tippy Integration Benefits:

  • Enjoy 12 Months FREE Tippy!
  • Directly send customer ticket info from Inspire to Tippy for a client-focused tip experience.
  • Combine Inspire by STX & Tippy Ticket for a unified payment solution.
  • Access Tippy Tip Reporting within Inspire by STX Tip Reports.

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Two-way Texting & Text Marketing Solutions

Enhance client communication with Textel, facilitating two-way texting and robust text marketing. Our intricate integration ensures seamless messaging capabilities for both clients and team members within STX Software.

Inspire by STX & Textel Integration Benefits:

  • Sync your Client Contact Info to Textel nightly for effortless two-way texting.
  • Formulate filtered Client Lists in Inspire by STX for instant transfer to Textel for Text Marketing.

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Custom Apps, E-Commerce, & Marketing Tools

Maximize marketing efforts and client retention with SalonClouds+. While renowned for creating custom apps, the platform also offers text marketing, e-commerce solutions, virtual consultations, and more.

Inspire by STX & SalonClouds+ Integration Benefits:

  • Link Custom Apps to your Inspire by STX Appointment Book.
  • Synchronize Custom App Client Logins with Inspire by STX Online Booking.
  • Sync Inspire by STX Product Lists for an e-Commerce website.
  • Seamlessly transfer Client Contact Information for Text Marketing.

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Finova Capital

Financing for Payroll & Equipment

Empower your salon operations with financing options through Finova Capital. With integrated prompts in the Purchase Orders, Setup Resources, and Process Compensation sections, it’s easier than ever to explore financing solutions.

Inspire by STX & Finova Capital’s Integration Benefits:

  • Directly apply for financing from your Inspire by STX Software during Service Resources creation, Process Compensation, or while creating a Purchase Order.

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