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Inspire By Stx Appointment Scheduling Imac 3

Inspire by STX’s Appointment Book gives you a complete overview of your business at any time!

With Appointment Book you can:
  • Toggle between viewing all workers or individual workers with daily, weekly, or monthly calendar views.
  • Skip ahead by days, weeks, or years. Quick shortcut buttons allow you to skip 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 weeks ahead in one click.
  • Create express bookings by simply clicking anywhere on the calendar to create a new appointment.
  • Use “Find Appointment” to search for the next available appointment for a service or worker.
  • Book out time for ongoing events, like breaks or classes.
  • Add guests to your “Wait List” so they can be notified if an appointment becomes available.
  • Create standing appointments for future visits.
  • View a client’s status (booked, confirmed, etc.) and click the “Check In” shortcut button on their appointment to immediately change their status when they arrive.
  • Quickly modify appointments by clicking the pencil icon on the appointment listing.
  • Add notes or messages to the message board for staff to see.
  • Establish permissions in setup to control what employees can view or edit.
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