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Inspire by STX is the powerful all-in-one spa management software that helps you run your entire spa business in one easy program.

Inspire By Stx

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Why Choose Inspire by STX Spa Management Software?

Insipre by STX Spa Management Software is a powerful and comprehensive suite of tools that manages the everyday operations of a busy spa—and grows your business along the way.

With the industry’s top spa management system, running your business has never been simpler. Inspire small business management software has an intuitive design that supports the high-volume demands of a thriving spa and provides an effortless user experience. It offers a robust line of innovative features, and several partner integrations, to make everyday operations more efficient and help boost revenue opportunities.

Created by successful salon owners Jeff and Diana Mason, Inspire isn’t just a payment processor with business management add-ons. Jeff and Diana work with spa owners to integrate features that streamline business operations and offer the best solution to meet the unique needs of today’s beauty industry. Driven by ongoing collaboration with spa owners, Inspire can handle the rigors of even the most demanding spa operation.

Inspire By Stx Business Management Software

Spa Software Features Built Just for You

STX spa software is a collection of integrated spa software programs that support and simplify the operations of your business. Whether you’re a small, single location or a large, multi-location enterprise, Inspire has everything you need to manage your spa business with ease.

All of Inspire’s features work together seamlessly and are easily navigable. Simplified page layouts make it quick for newcomers to adapt. Many tasks can be automated with Inspire, reducing errors and saving you time. It comes with the most powerful spa scheduling software program, and best best payment processor, in the industry.

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Spa Marketing Suite

  • Inspire offers the industry’s leading spa marketing suite. Attract new customers and increase sales using loyalty reward programs. Never forget a client’s birthday, and send them a personalized gift, with automated email campaigns.
  • Inspire’s interconnectivity allows your spa booking software to activate client management and marketing tools—including template builders that enable easy, customized, targeted marketing efforts. Use Textel marketing tools integration to send marketing text messages or two-way text chat with your clients.
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Appointment Scheduling

  • Enjoy ultimate control over your spa scheduling. Inspire has sophisticated intelligent resource booking capabilities, ensuring that your spa resources and spaces are never double booked when setting appointments.
  • Offer your clients express bookings and easily schedule recurring visits. Use wait lists and appointment reminders to reduce no-shows and maximize income opportunities. Smoothly toggle between individual workers; staff groups; and daily, weekly, or monthly calendar views to fit your needs.

Payment Processing

  • Have confidence with secure payment processing through Clover devices. Inspire software for spas has a sophisticated POS system that accepts every form of payment, including contactless options, and offers direct customer support. Credit card processing is made even easier when you keep a client credit card on file.
  • There are no hidden fees or misleading terms with STX Payments. Just safe, reliable payment processing at competitive rates—saving you money every month.

Employee Management & Goal Setting

  • Inspire’s spa scheduling software has automation capabilities that reduce time spent on staff scheduling, and it will streamline your accounting and payroll to eliminate human error. Use the Worker App to communicate with staff individually, or as a whole, via push notifications.
  • Improve business sales and motivate your employees when you use our goal setting feature. The goal setting feature can increase retail sales by over 30% using incremental goals that are easily reached.
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Online Booking

  • Offer your customers 24/7 online service booking for spa appointments from any mobile device or web browser. The online booking software pairs seamlessly with the appointment scheduler and your client’s device, Outlook, or Google calendar.
  • With your online spa software, customers can also enjoy the benefits of automated appointment reminders via their choice of SMS or email notification. Your booking system is also connected to your personalized online store, where customers can purchase gift cards and retail items.
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Client Management

  • Client Cards in your online spa software support efficiently managing clients and strengthening customer relationships. Store all client info in one place and quickly recall past appointments and purchases, service notes, personal preferences, and loyalty rewards.
  • Workers can review upcoming client appointments and communication history to prepare for services. Custom settings in Inspire software let you decide which client data your staff can access, protecting both client information and your spa’s interests.
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Fast Checkout

  • Use the “Favorites” checkout feature in Inspire’s point of sale system for your most popular spa products and services. It lets you customize the retail products and items that you carry in the system for easy identification, supporting a faster checkout process to save time for your clients and your staff.
  • The point of sale system accepts cash, credit, gift cards, and digital payments. It can also apply loyalty points from the client’s account and add promo discounts without hassle. With built-in Tippy integration, workers receive tips instantly—and your spa gets a 2% rebate back on all tip transactions.

Reporting & Analytics

  • Inspire is the top spa management app to help you grow and manage your business. You can access over 90 reports—or build customized reports—to monitor sales and overall business performance. Industry specific reports, such as rebooking and client retention, are a highlight of Inspire software.
  • Transactional, client, and compensation data can be analyzed with the ability to set goals and track performance in real time using a dashboard. The reporting software is user-friendly and comprehensible, and it makes it easy to review your entire business and financial history. These exceptional insights allow you to drive business strategy and growth.

Inventory Management

  • Spa inventory management is easy to handle with the support of software automation. It streamlines and improves your inventory processes, ensuring you always have an accurate count of back bar stock and retail items on hand. Spa managers and owners can easily create a system that manages purchase orders and notifies you when it’s time to restock supplies.
  • SalonInteractive integration syncs product lines from retail and professional brands with your online store in Inspire by STX. Customer purchase orders are sent directly to the supplier. You get 25% commission on product sales and fast, direct shipping to your customers.

What Our Clients Are Saying About STX Spa Software

Inspire by STX software for spas is frequently praised by industry experts for its innovation and ease-of-use.

“The customer service is top-notch! The support staff is beyond patient and will help to solve any issue or confusion you may have. I never have to wait long for help or answers.” –Amanda KingTamra, Hollowell Salon & Spa

STX customers tell us that Inspire helps them run their business with an efficiency they never thought possible. Powerful spa management tools, intuitive design, and exceptional customer support are just a few of the reasons why business owners continue to choose Inspire more than any other software solution.

But what truly sets Inspire apart from other beauty industry software platforms is its ability to help spa owners make confident, informed business decisions. The capabilities Inspire by STX offers to provide a real-time view of the state of your business at any moment in time, or over time, is what sets Inspire apart.

That’s what continues to drive us: making sure that Inspire evolves to always meet your needs and be the best spa software solution for businesses of all sizes.

The appointment booking features are incredibly intuitive! Training our team was very easy. Plus the reporting is limitless! We particularly love the options around inventory. We’re able to order product without even glancing at our retail shelves!

Mark Ryan Black Logo Client Testimonial Round
Mark DeBolt

From appointment scheduling to inventory management, payroll and client tracking, goal setting and more, it is really the breadth and depth of a management software that stands out for me. I can dive into the heart of what’s going on in my business with a minimum of fuss.

Arrojo Red Logo Client Testimonial Round
Nick Arrojo

One of the things our team loves the most is how efficient the software system works during live play every day in the salon, which is to say that checking people in, changing appointments, checking people out, and adding retail is so easy. We are huge fans!

Lux Lab White Logo Client Testimonial Round
Jen Planck

Spa Software Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the right software for your day spa business might seem like a big task, but we’ve got some great tips and information to get you started.

STX is an all-in-one, cloud-based spa software built by industry experts. It offers features ranging from online booking to management tasks, marketing, payment processing, and much more. Seamless integration of Inspire tools make it an innovative yet easy to use software solution for any size spa business.

Inspire’s task automations provide simplicity and increase efficiency for spa managers. Intelligent resource booking is a significant benefit specific to the industry, improving your scheduling and booking processes. Inspire also offers advanced reporting that helps you grow your business.

Spa booking software will range in price depending on the number of features you opt for. Inspire by STX has multiple monthly packages to choose from, giving you the flexibility to select the one that best fits your business’s needs.

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“The customer service is top-notch! The support staff is beyond patient and will help to solve any issue or confusion you may have. I never have to wait long for help or answers.”

Amanda King

Tamra Hollowell Salon & Spa
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