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STX comes in two versions that are easy to operate and sophisticated enough to meet the needs of any business, regardless of size.
Inspire by STX is our cloud-based Internet version and runs on any device, any time, anywhere.
STX Desktop is our Apple Award winning Mac-based version with an app available for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

STX Cloud runs on any desktop and device, anytime, anywhere via an Internet connection.
STX Desktop is an Apple-exclusive software for Mac with an available app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

STX Cloud is a 100-percent, cloud-based program. With an Internet connection, you can access STX Cloud on any desktop and device, anytime, anywhere.
STX Desktop is a Mac-based software with optional cloud-like features. STX Desktop resides on your Mac hardware, and with the addition of STX Online Services (OLS), you can extend your capabilities to include features like email marketing, online booking, email/text message appointment reminders, and off-site data backup to our secure STX global servers.

Yes, both STX Cloud and STX Desktop have an available online booking feature.
Yes, both versions of STX include in-depth, printable reporting that informs on a variety of KPIs.

STX Cloud is a cloud-based monthly subscription service; no contract is required.
STX Desktop is also available on a monthly subscription basis with no contract required. For those wishing to purchase this version, we offer a 12-month, no-interest payment plan (service charge may apply).

Yes, training and education are important to us as part of our overall service to clients. We ensure that you are properly trained in the use of our software by making available personalized sessions, as well as providing a library of training and general educational videos that can be accessed at any time.
You can also find STX conducting educational sessions at industry conventions throughout the year.

Yes, visit our Scheduling page to schedule a free demo of STX Cloud or STX Desktop.
Yes, we can be found at a variety of events throughout the year. Visit our Events page for a look at our current events schedule.

Inspire by STX

Yes, you can update this information on the Worker’s record.
Select Setup and choose Setup Workers.
From here select Worker Details and choose the worker you would like to adjust.
In the Profile tab on the right side of the screen, you can access the editable PIN field.

In order to book a service online you need to allow the Worker to be bookable online for the service.
You can access these settings in the Setup Workers in the Worker Details area.
Once you click on the Worker name, go to the Services tab to allow the services to be booked online for the Worker.

STX Desktop

Potentially, depending on version compatibility. Before updating to a new OS X on your Mac, please call STX Support to verify compatibility.
  1. Quit STX and unplug the device from the computer.
  2. Plug the device back into the computer and wait until the screen displays “checking in device.”
  3. At that time, launch STX but DO NOT login.
  4. The device will complete checking in and revert to the home screen.
  5. Login to STX.

You are now ready to accept chip payments again.

This error is typically resolved by rebooting the STX server computer. Make sure to use the Apple icon in the upper left of your computer and select the Restart option. Sometimes, a second restart is necessary.
Open STX and login. When you get the prompt to renew your software, select “Renew/Enter License.” Click in the License Key space and delete the current license. Copy and Paste the new license from your email into the License Key space. Select Apply.
On any report in STX, red denotes a negative number. In the case of cash showing as red on the Total Sheet, this is due to more cash being paid out than you took in regarding payments for the day. Review the Payment List Report for more details on collected Payments.

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