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Inspire by STX Software x SalonInteractive:

Inspire by STX Software is thrilled to announce its integration with SalonInteractive. Dive into a new era of salon profitability with the combined power of Inspire by STX and SalonInteractive.

Take advantage of our integrated partnership with SalonInteractive and enhance your salon operations.

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What is SalonInteractive?

SalonInteractive is not just an online store platform; it’s a strategic integration with Inspire by STX. 

Now, every Inspire by STX client, regardless of their system level, can effortlessly activate and utilize SalonInteractive. 

Simply create an account with SalonInteractive, and we’ll guide you through the activation process within Inspire by STX.

The SalonInteractive account creation will ask about your suppliers & product lines, then in seconds create you a free online product store to share on your website & social. Your team can send product recommendations linked to the store directly to their clients & earn a commission.

Even better – the suppliers ship the online store purchases directly to your clients. No need to stock or ship on your part.

With SalonInteractive, setting up is free, customizable, and can be completed in just 15 minutes.

Salons earn a minimum of 25% commission.

Research shows that about 80% of salon clients are buying their home care products outside of the salon, most of it online. 

Now you can make more commissions by meeting your clients online and taking back sales from industry outsiders simply by prescribing the proper home care through your online store.

Let’s do the math.
If you see 10 clients a day, roughly 8 of them are not purchasing retail at the time of service.

Based on SalonInteractive’s average online transaction, if all 8 of those clients purchased on your online store, that would be an additional $180 in your pocket. 

In a 5-day work week, that would be an extra $900. Think of what you could do with all that extra $$$!

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Added Benefits to Online Retail:

  • Engage with 400+ brands and highlight the products your clients adore.
  • Offer a 24/7 shopping experience, bringing convenience to your clients.
  • Capture sales even when clients leave the salon without purchasing recommended products.
  • Boost your salon’s retail revenues.

Integration Perks with Inspire by STX:

  • Directly synced with Inspire by STX for seamless functionality.
  • Activate and utilize SalonInteractive regardless of your Inspire by STX system level.
  • Enhanced retail capabilities combined with Inspire by STX’s robust features.

How to Set Up Your Online Store
with Inspire by STX and SalonInteractive:

Opening your own online store is quite easy, just follow these 5 easy steps:

First, make sure you have these things handy:

  • Distributor account number(s) – where you buy your products from
  • Your online banking information – so we can pay you
  • Your salon logo, if you have one – to make your store your own
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Enter your zip code and choose from distributors in your area.

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Connect with your distributor to unlock brands by entering your distributor account number.

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Click on brands that you want to add to your online store.

Saloninteractive Icon 4

Add your salon logo and create an official store link.

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Finalize your store and follow the pathway to start making sales.

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Need assistance?
Check out the video tutorial for guidance.

Sign up here for a SalonInteractive Account.

If you are already a SalonInteractive client, click here to learn more about our integration

Curious about Inspire by STX x SalonInteractive?
Send us your information below or Contact us at 1-800-766-4778.

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