Launch Day Homework

Inspire by STX Launch Goals

  • Attend Launch Day Training
  • Activate New Credit Card Integration with STX Support
    (Only for Integrated Card Processing Users)
  • Complete Launch Day Homework
  • Complete Launch Week Homework

Inspire by STX Launch FAQs

Traditionally the same Owner and/or Managers who attended the Pre-Conversion training.
Once the backup is taken only the data in that backup converts. You will need to re-enter an appointments, tickets, inventory usages or gifts entered after the back up is taken.
Click the “Adding Appts, Tickets, Changes Since Backup” button on the right for instructions on updating your new database.
The employees can have access as soon as you assign them their username, password and permissions. Most businesses will focus on access for a few employees to complete Launch Day tasks, then provide access within the coming days to all employees.
First you will have your launch day training to review some tasks that are a part of your launch day homework. Then, you’ll need to do about 1-2 hours of your launch day homework. Also, if you plan to activate a clover, that can take about 30 to 60 minutes.

We strongly encourage you to stick with the Inspire by STX Software and use our resources & education options to the fullest. Our process includes practice time with the Inspire software to confirm it will be a good fit before making the switch.

All conversion re-dos are $1000.

3 Years of Appointment History
All Future Appointments
Worker Basic Details
Reward Points

Worker Permissions
Worker Username or Password
Worker Hours
Company Days Off
Payment Types
Rewards Setup
Online Booking Settings

Please note, other items may need to be re-implemented.


Inspire Launch Checklists & Resources

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