Integrated Card Processing

Do you currently use Integrated Card Processing with STX Payments?

Yes, I currently use Integrated Card Processing with STX Payments.

Great! To continue processing, you will need to update your hardware and order it at least 2 weeks prior to your launch date.

Contact STX Payments at 1-800-766-4778.

What if I use a Clover already?

Wonderful! Contact STX Payments at 1-800-766-4778 to let them know you will need to integrate your Clover Mini or Clover Flex some time after you convert to Inspire by STX.

Note: There is no timeline to integrate the device(s).


STX Payments

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No, I do not currently use Integrated Card processing.

If you do not use integrated card processing, you can continue to process the way you do today where you manually enter the amount onto a side terminal.

Curious about STX Payments?

Our STX Payments team would love to chat with you about saving a lot of time & money! We offer competitive rates, sleek new equipment & STX’s great customer service!

Call STX Payments today! 1-800-766-4778

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