Desktop Questions

STX Desktop

Potentially, depending on version compatibility. Before updating to a new OS X on your Mac, please call STX Support to verify compatibility.
  1. Quit STX and unplug the device from the computer.
  2. Plug the device back into the computer and wait until the screen displays “checking in device.”
  3. At that time, launch STX but DO NOT login.
  4. The device will complete checking in and revert to the home screen.
  5. Login to STX.

You are now ready to accept chip payments again.

This error is typically resolved by rebooting the STX server computer. Make sure to use the Apple icon in the upper left of your computer and select the Restart option. Sometimes, a second restart is necessary.
Open STX and login. When you get the prompt to renew your software, select “Renew/Enter License.” Click in the License Key space and delete the current license. Copy and Paste the new license from your email into the License Key space. Select Apply.
On any report in STX, red denotes a negative number. In the case of cash showing as red on the Total Sheet, this is due to more cash being paid out than you took in regarding payments for the day. Review the Payment List Report for more details on collected Payments.
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