Conversion Details


During your launch day, our team requires 100% of your attention to helping launch your new software.
The main goal for your conversion launch is to perform daily tasks. Previous customers found it overwhelming to learn all the daily, weekly and monthly tasks all at once. Plus! It’s easier to teach you on live software, rather than practice data.
On launch day we’ll be deploying your recently converted data and a few setup areas will need to be worked on to finalize the switch such as worker logins, worker hours, worker permissions, company days off, payment types, etc. Additionally, any appointments booked, products sold, gifts sold, etc. after the database was retrieved will need to be entered.
The most successful launches have had at least one person who was present for all of the trainings.
Our team will train preferably the decision makers at your business such as the owner and/or manager during the training sessions. Then, the owner and/or manager would train the team on their job functions. Additionally, there are video & guide resources available.
The sooner you let us know, the better. Our STX Conversion Team can find a better date on the calendar or you can contact us when it would be a better season to switch softwares.

We strongly encourage you to stick with the Inspire by STX Software and use our resources & education options to the fullest. Our process includes practice time with the Inspire software to confirm it will be a good fit before making the switch.

All conversion re-dos are $1000.

3 Years of Appointment History
All Future Appointments
Active Workers
Active Services
Client Packages
Client Reward Points

Worker Permissions
Worker Username or Password
Worker Hours
Company Days Off
Payment Types
Rewards Setup
Online Booking Settings

Please note, other items may need to be re-implemented.

At minimum 2 weeks before your launch day. To order or if your equipment doesn’t arrive in time, contact STX at 1-800-766-4778.

If your current card processing is integrated (meaning you do not type in the amount), you can keep using your merchant, STX Payments however you will need to purchase new processing equipment. Call STX Payments at 1-800-766-4778 for more details.

If your current card processing is not integrated (meaning you have to re-enter that amount on the device), you can also keep using your current setup. We would reccomend considering our integrated card processing offering by calling STX Payments at 1-800-766-4778/

Team members in addition to an Owner and/or Manager are welcome to attend trainings.
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