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57 Salon Marketing Ideas to Get More Customers in 2024

Top Salon Marketing Ideas

Every salon owner knows that effective marketing is crucial for a successful, thriving business. If you feel like your recent marketing endeavors haven’t had much impact, you might need to mix things up. We’ve got a slew of hair salon marketing ideas and strategies to drive awareness of your salon and attract customers.

Key Takeaways

  • Investing time and resources to market your salon will help you attract new business, keep existing customers engaged, and convert clients into brand advocates.
  • Diversifying your marketing efforts to use a broad range of channels and tactics will help you reach a wider audience and build a strong brand.
  • STX Software has built-in tools that support a multitude of marketing ideas for salons that can help you reach your goals without a big time investment.

Why New Marketing Ideas Are Important for Your Salon

Investing time and resources into innovative marketing strategies is vital to the success of your hair salon business.

Effective marketing fills chairs and boosts clientele. It attracts potential new clients to your salon and lets them know what sets you apart from the competition. And it helps keep your current clientele engaged and loyal to your business.

In the beauty business, you’re expected to stay on top of evolving trends. This extends beyond mastering the latest hair styles and techniques to maintaining a fresh image for your salon; savvy marketing strategies are a vehicle to show that your salon is on board with the latest industry trends and providing fabulous customer experiences.

Your marketing efforts can cover various categories to achieve different business goals. You should start by assessing which methods or tools align with your specific objectives and tailor your marketing strategies accordingly.

Social media campaigns can help you reach new, diverse audiences and yield great returns—especially for bringing in new customers. If your aim is to develop a broader presence in the beauty industry, you’ll be looking to demonstrate thought leadership or participating in community initiatives.

Salon Marketing Ideas by Category

Salon Marketing FundamentalsLearn the foundational strategies of salon marketing.
Salon Events and Community EngagementFind unique ways to get new customers to come through your doors.
Website and Online Salon Marketing IdeasLeverage online tools to reach a bigger audience.
Marketing Ideas Using Salon SoftwareUse salon software features for effortless marketing in less time.
Social Media Campaigns for SalonsBuild your brand presence and boost engagement to drive awareness and sales.
Customer Loyalty IdeasStrengthen customer loyalty and build long-lasting relationships by rewarding repeat business.
Partnerships and Referral ProgramsUse community resources to bolster your marketing efforts.

Salon Marketing Fundamentals

Develop (or re-develop) your brand identity.

Your brand identity should define your salon’s personality, values, and unique selling points. As the cornerstone of effective salon marketing, a strong brand should be clearly defined, instantly recognizable, and resonate with your clients as well as your wider audience.

Redesign your retail layout.

It’s easy for customers to overlook your retail section if it hasn’t changed much over their recent visits. Breathe some life into this area with a new layout. Boost sales by reevaluating the products you carry and identifying your top sellers. Support cross-promotions and upselling with strategic layout design that highlights featured products.

Run sales on retail products.

Running sales on retail products is the best way to move lingering product or make way for new items arriving soon. Use email marketing or your salon’s social media platforms to advertise, and entice customers with exclusive discounts. In-store signage helps spur purchases by clients who are visiting for services.

Sell gift cards and merchandise online.

Use your salon software’s online store to sell gift cards, retail products, and other merchandise. This will help extend your salon’s reach to new audiences, locally and online. It also provides convenience to your existing clientele, offering them an easy way to do some special occasion or holiday gift shopping.

Offer add-ons to upsell.

Add-ons can increase the average transaction value per client. Choose some of your most popular services and bundle them into a package with a small overall discount. Offer conditioning treatment add-ons to complement chemical hair color services.

Train your staff to cross-sell retail products.

With training, your staff can seamlessly integrate product recommendations while they’re performing client services. In our experience, using the client cards in your salon management software to keep track of client product and styling preferences can offer helpful guidance on which new products a client will love.

Differentiate by carrying exclusive products.

Offering more than just the biggest name brands or products will help give you an edge in the local business market. Carrying exclusive or hard-to-find products attracts new customers (who could become new clients) and positions your salon as a trendsetter.

Decorate for the seasons.

A little festive cheer creates a welcoming atmosphere and sets the stage for holiday shopping. Use seasonal decor, music, or encourage your staff to wear festive attire. Keep it on-brand for your salon and remember that a little goes a long way. You want to enhance the season, not create a chaotic environment.

Create an on-brand playlist.

Set the mood in your salon with a curated playlist that reflects your salon brand. Music should enhance the salon experience, so make sure you choose music that your clientele is likely to appreciate. If you use Spotify, share it online for your customers to enjoy when they aren’t in the salon.

Offer virtual makeovers.

Virtual makeover services are a huge hit with modern salon customers. Take the leap and offer these services that allow clients to explore new looks—boosting anticipation for their next appointment. The shareable content it produces can be used to showcase your salon’s creativity and expertise.

Salon Events and Community Engagement

Offer free services to help those in need.

Giving back to your community is more than just a marketing strategy. It’s a way to show that you care about being part of the local community that supports your business. You can share your contributions on social media to develop brand affinity, which will in turn benefit your business.

Host a salon open house.

Host an annual open house to celebrate your salon’s anniversary. Invite clients, nearby business owners and their staff, and the local community. Connect with neighbors and strengthen customer relationships with a casual event to say thank you to all who support your business.

Collaborate with local artists.

Hair styling is an artform. Expand on the theme and hold an art show in your beauty salon. Not only will this be a fun event, but people will visit your salon who might not otherwise have had you on their radar. If it’s doable in your space, offer to display some of the artist’s pieces around your salon for sale for a few weeks after the show.


Host a networking event for beauty business professionals. This is an ideal way to connect with other locals in your industry. Topics of conversation that you might introduce could be salon promotion ideas, social media marketing tips, and how to boost your online presence.

Host Special Events like “Mommy and Me.”

Host special events to bring people in and boost sales. Hold a “Mommy and Me” day with services geared toward younger clientele. Offer an “updo” or styling workshop for teens right before prom season. Be creative and draw inspiration from your community and what needs they might have.

Offer discounts to employees of neighboring businesses.

Grab some samples, or product that isn’t moving, and start making the rounds to nearby businesses. Offer discounts on services to owners and employees. They could become new customers, and they might recommend your salon to somebody else they know.

Participate in local events.

A fun way to promote your salon and bond with your team is to participate in local events together. Sign up for parades, charity events, or 5Ks. Anything that gives you and your team a chance to spend time doing something together other than work—while doing a little salon advertising at the same time.

Host educational classes.

Turn your salon into a classroom and host professional development classes for your team and other hair stylists in your area. Learn about advances in technique and process, new tools and products for the trade, you name it. Ask your staff what they’d like to learn about!

Website and Online Salon Marketing Ideas

Create and update your own website.

Design a salon website where customers can book appointments, do some online shopping, and buy gift cards. Start a blog that will help you attract new customers and use it to share special promotions. You can also leverage your blog to reach a larger audience as a thought leader on industry topics and news.

Create an email newsletter.

Sending a monthly newsletter will keep salon clients engaged with your business between visits. Share bios of new stylists or other team members. Answer frequently asked questions about salon services. And use it as a marketing platform by highlighting package specials, memberships, retail products and more.

Generate positive online reviews.

Ask clients to review your salon on Google, Yelp, and other platforms. Online reviews for your salon are essential for business; tools like Birdeye, NiceJob, or Stratus make it easy to collect and manage them. Respond to both positive and negative reviews to build client trust and loyalty.

Manage your Google Business Profile.

Keeping your Google Business Profile up-to-date is an absolute must for gaining local business. Make sure that your business information is correct (location, phone number, hours of operation) and update these quickly if there are any changes. Post photos, FAQs, and other relevant content as often as you can.

Add your business to online directories.

Online business directories are another essential way to reach local potential customers. Make sure that your citations are consistent from listing to listing with your business name, website, address, and phone number. If you make any changes to your business information make sure all listings are updated and accurate.

Test Google Ads and Facebook advertising.

Try running Google and Facebook ads to generate business. Yahoo has lower costs and is worth investigating if you aren’t ready to jump to Google or Facebook, but may have less exposure. Local service ads in print or on local business websites are still effective salon marketing ideas.

Contribute to online salon publications.

Looking to boost your profile and awareness of your salon? Expand your reach to a wide audience by contributing written pieces for publication in industry media. You can prove yourself a thought leader on hair industry topics or give advice to new salon owners.

Marketing Ideas Using Salon Software

Use automated SMS and email for customer engagement.

Use STX Software’s built-in email marketing platform to keep customers informed and engaged. Easily create automated email campaigns and marketing materials such as personalized promotions, share business updates, and advertise exclusive offers—enhancing customer loyalty and boosting sales.

Send appointment confirmations.

Avoid no-shows and reduce cancellations when you send clients an appointment confirmation. Confirmations reassure clients that their appointments are secured. Follow-up reminders help clients prepare for services or prompt them to reschedule if a conflict has arisen in their schedule.

Send appreciation emails.

Sending thank you notes, birthday or anniversary wishes, and holiday messages will foster strong relationships with your customers. You can personalize messages and build custom email lists easily with your STX Software for unique salon marketing communications.

Offer walk-in appointments.

Advertise walk-in availability as part of your marketing plan. Walk-in availability offers flexibility for your customers and optimizes your salon’s efficiency. It will help fill chairs on slow appointment days, and when cancellations occur you can still accommodate impromptu customers to keep revenue coming in.

Build a loyalty program.

Reward client spends during their salon visits. Inspire by STX automatically tracks customer loyalty points, making it easy for your staff to apply reward points to client purchases. This successful salon marketing strategy is a simple but effective way to boost sales and increase client retention.

Use a welcome app.

Take your salon to the next level with a welcome app that seamlessly introduces customers to your business. You’ll make a great first impression, encouraging new customers to become repeat clients. Then leverage it as one of your salon marketing strategies by offering exclusive deals and benefits through the app.

Incentivize online bookings.

Encourage customers to use your salon booking software client features to schedule new hair appointments. Offer discounts, loyalty points, or exclusive promotions. This will streamline your booking process, reduce time on the phone for your staff, and provide valuable data for targeted marketing efforts.

Social Media Campaigns for Salons

Share promotions across social media.

Social media is one of the best salon marketing tools to boost visibility and reach a wider audience. Generate curiosity with compelling content and highlight the individual talents of your stylist team. Promoting special offers to your followers will drive traffic and bookings.

Set up a selfie station with your salon’s hashtag.

Make your salon Instagram-ready by creating a fun and unique selfie station inside your salon. Encourage clients to share their new look before they leave the salon and tag your business in their post. Organic, user-generated content is great for your social media visibility and boosts higher engagement.

Set up branded social media accounts for stylists.

Another salon marketing idea to help boost your business’s online visibility is having your stylists feature their work on social media. Support their efforts by providing coaching on photography and content creation that attracts a dedicated following.

Share lifestyle content that resonates with your brand.

Give your salon account followers deeper insights about your brand. Share lifestyle content that aligns with your brand’s goals and values. Try to reflect your business’s personality and culture in your content to attract like-minded followers who will be inspired to book an appointment.

Create a YouTube channel.

A great marketing strategy for salons is leveraging YouTube to expand your reach to a larger audience. Feature tutorials, client style transformations, salon highlights and more. This is a great vehicle to establish your business as an industry authority, especially if you’re a bigger salon.

Share hair tutorials or styling tips on social accounts.

Become a go-to resource for people looking for salon insider tips. Have your team showcase the latest styling tricks and products to help followers achieve the look they’re after. Make the posts fun, visually appealing, and tailor the content to your audience.

Tag clients for re-shares

Create a sense of community among your stylists, clients, and social media followers. Have your stylists tag their clients (with their permission) in social media posts showcasing their new look. Encourage the client to share the post as well, expanding your reach.

Encourage video testimonials.

Let your clients help you spread the word about your salon by contributing video testimonials. You might offer complimentary services to help them feel “camera ready” and to provide social proof of your salon’s capabilities. The videos can be shared on your socials, as well as theirs, for greater reach.

Try an influencer takeover.

Need a fresh, new perspective for your social media? Collaborate with a local influencer and let them take over your accounts for a day. This crossover activity will find your salon a new audience and the influencer might come up with additional marketing ideas you can use.

Automate social media responses.

Don’t let yourself get bogged down by social media management. Automate your responses, including replies to frequently asked questions. This will ensure prompt engagement, customer satisfaction, and frees up your time for more strategic social media activities.

Do freebie giveaways.

Freebies are an excellent way to encourage social media engagement and get new clients into your salon. Encourage your followers to like and share your post, tag their friends, and amplify your message across other platforms as well.

Customer Loyalty Ideas

Provide an exceptional client experience.

Reward the customers who support your salon by making their visit exceptional. Make them feel welcomed by providing excellent customer service, fast check-out, and stellar salon services. Let your reputation for exceeding expectations set your salon above the local competition.

Rebook your clients.

When clients are checking out after receiving services, encourage them to rebook for their next appointment. Based on our first hand experience, you can secure a significant percentage of business just from rebooking. Also consider setting up recurring bookings for touch up services.

Develop great relationships with clients.

Get to know the people who do regular business with your salon. Start by learning their partner or child’s name, or what they do for a living. It goes a long way toward building relationships that you can foster by taking a few minutes to chat with them before or after their services.

Keep employee morale up.

Your team is the face of your business. You want them to represent your salon well. The best way to support this is by ensuring a supportive work environment. Use salon software that automates many of the tasks that could bog down their day, so they can focus on providing services and strengthening customer relationships.

Host client appreciation events.

Thank your repeat customers by hosting an event to celebrate them. This could be an open house style event at your location, or you could hold an online event. Prepare sale items, make gift bags for raffles, offer membership package discounts or other deals available for a limited time only.

Win back clients who left.

Bring clients back to your salon by offering them a discount. Use your client history to see what their preferred services were and tailor the marketing message to entice them to book an appointment for those services. STX Software makes this easy with advanced reporting and built-in marketing features.

Diversify your clientele by offering senior discounts.

Your salon marketing plans should include ways to bring in different types of salon clients. If you skew toward a younger crowd and have extra time on the books, try offering incentives to bring in seniors.

Offer Discounts for Slow Times.

If you have consistently slow periods in your day, or calendar year, create a marketing plan to address them. Offer early bird or late evening appointments at a discount. That post-holiday slump in sales? Prepare in advance with special promotions geared toward post-holiday self-care.

Reward top clients.

STX’s client management features allow salon owners to identify top clients, so you can prioritize the customers that benefit your business the most. Priority booking, complimentary add-on services, or extra retail discounts are some ways to say thank you for their support.

Partnerships and Referral Programs

Host contests to encourage referrals.

A fun salon marketing idea to boost business is holding a contest to drive referral business. Invite your clients to join the game and compete to have the most referrals that book an appointment. Reward the winner with a prize and a shout out on your social media!

Offer referral discounts.

Outside of the contest, it’s still a great drive to offer incentives to your existing clients and their new referrals. When a new client is referred by an existing customer and receives services at the salon, give them both a little discount to say thanks.

Collaborate with local businesses.

Building relationships with businesses in your area can help you reach a shared audience. Give discounts to customers who show same-day receipts from a neighboring business and do the same in return. Work together to boost each other’s social media and advertising campaigns.

Participate in trade shows.

Trade shows are the perfect arena to demonstrate expertise to a national audience. Press media, social media, and trade publications that cover the event will generate online content for your business. You can also gain accolades to elevate your salon’s profile in the industry.

Partner with local trade schools.

Partnering with local trade schools will develop a talent pipeline for you to draw from when there are openings for stylists at your salon. This is also a means of driving community engagement, which amplifies your business in the local area.

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