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The Top Features of STX Software’s Salon Management System

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You’ve got the best stylists in town, a fabulous salon space, and a steadily growing clientele. Your days are busier than ever! Now you’re looking for the best salon management software to help you run your business efficiently – and give you a competitive edge.

STX is an award-winning software solution for salons, spas, and fitness business management. It has all of the tools you need to effectively manage your salon, impress and retain your customers with convenience features, and help grow your business with confidence. STX Software automates many of the daily tasks that become obstacles to a productive day, for you and your staff. Task automation will streamline your business operations and give you back your day, so you can focus on more important aspects of your business.

Let’s take a look at the top features of STX Software’s salon management system: online booking, mobile apps, sophisticated point of sale systems and integrated payment processors, business development and team management features, and customer service support. These are the tools that will give your salon business the advantages it needs to be successful in today’s digital world.

Online Appointment Booking Software

The STX salon booking system makes it easy for your customers to book from anywhere, anytime via a booking link on your website or with our custom client app. Having an online booking system means that your salon is “open” to book appointments 24/7, which is a huge benefit for both you and your clients.

Instead of having to wait until the salon is open to call in and make an appointment, your customers can book at their convenience. The easier you make it for people to book an appointment, the more likely they are to do so. Taking your appointment booking system online will significantly improve efficiency at your salon business. With STX Software doing the booking work for your salon or spa, your welcome staff can dedicate their time to greeting guests, assisting service providers, or handling other tasks.

Most importantly, STX’s scheduling software has automated appointment confirmations and reminders to help reduce no-shows. This is a key feature that protects lost time and income for you and your stylists. It’s also a convenience feature that most salon customers expect and appreciate. Automated reminders help busy customers keep track of their appointments, made all the easier since STX can sync your customers’ appointments with their mobile device, Outlook, or Google Calendar.

Salon Appointment Scheduling Features

With STX Software, you can customize service durations and booking times for the different services offered at your salon. Once you have these preferences set, appointment scheduling is a seamless and effortless process. You can adjust these settings as needed until you find the perfect service durations for your stylists. The salon booking software will ensure that there are no accidental double bookings, keep track of your waiting lists, and let your customers book standing appointments.

Salon Management System Mobile App

STX’s cloud-based salon and spa software platform has a convenient mobile app that untethers your front desk and puts it in the palms of your workers’ hands. This employee-facing app has an array of features that will support your entire salon workforce.

Your front desk staff can use the app to book and manage appointments, check in guests and check out tickets, and scan product barcodes with their phone camera for retail sales. The app lets your front desk staff have the flexibility to assist customers in areas of the salon other than at the welcome desk itself.

Stylists will receive notifications when clients book a new appointment, and they will also be notified when a client checks in at the salon. They can also easily search for specific client appointments, create service notes and manage client cards in real time, review client information prior to an appointment, and even check out a customer if the front desk staff is occupied with other clients or tasks. A client’s service history, and even their product history, is recorded and can be reviewed by your stylists at any time, allowing them to prepare for upcoming appointments. And there is a dashboard where each stylist can view their sales and track their goals.

The STX Worker app eliminates the time-consuming processes of manual appointment management and client management. No more keeping track of client information in notebooks or on file cards; having the entirety of your client’s history at your fingertips, accessible at any time for you to add notes or ideas as they come to you, is a huge advantage.

Salon Point Of Sale and Integrated Payment Processing

Great salon software will include point of sale (POS) and payment processing capabilities that make it easy for you to track money coming in, increase opportunities to generate income, and allow you to accept various payment types. With STX’s salon and spa management software, you have access to all of these capabilities.

With the POS system, you can sell services, retail items, gift cards and more – both in-store and online. Your online store can help generate added income with very little effort, making this a spotlight feature that you will want to take advantage of. The POS system also provides inventory management, keeping up-to-the-minute records of every barcode that is scanned.

Use our POS system’s built-in rewards program to build customer loyalty. Offer discounts on services and retail products that customers can spend their points on. Let your customers earn points for new client referrals and on gift sales.

Integrated payment processing makes for quick, seamless transactions. When you use an all-in-one salon software program, like STX, you won’t need to worry about different programs not “speaking” to each other. Clover payment processing is part of the STX salon management system. You can safely and securely store a card on file for every customer and accept any type of payment; this makes taking payments and deposits a breeze for both your staff and your customers. And you’ll have a digital record of every transaction for easy reference and to include in your accounting reports.

The Best Salon Business Reporting

One of the most notable features of STX salon software for your business is the advanced reporting that you can utilize to make informed decisions that will help you manage and grow your business. STX has over 50 available reports to give you deep insight into the health of your business, your client base, and your marketing endeavors. These transactional, client, and compensation reports are easy to create and understand, even for beginners. Our Consultant reporting aligns with the top salon and spa consulting brands in the nation as well as nationally known brand business practices. 

The data analytics you can access with this reporting will help you learn which services, classes, and products are bringing in the most money. On the flip side, it can help you decide what is costing you more money than you’re bringing in. Were membership sales down last month? You may want to create a new email marketing campaign to boost those sales.

STX salon management software goes further by helping you assign and visually track goals that you can then monitor, in real-time, on the Dashboard. So, you can see exactly where your business stands at any moment, affording you the opportunity and agility to make decisions based on that feedback.

Salon Marketing Features To Grow Your Business

Running a beauty business takes a lot of time and energy. If you’re not using the right salon software, marketing tends to take a backseat to everyday operations. This can be the downfall of many small businesses. Marketing is crucial for attracting new customers, keeping them engaged, and enticing them to spend money at your salon – instead of others in your area.

STX salon software makes marketing easy. Using a drag-and-drop builder, you can create compelling automated campaigns for any occasion. For example, send a monthly marketing email to your customers with birthdays in the coming month, offering discounts on memberships, classes, or service packages. Or, run a report to pull names of clients who haven’t been in for over 6 months and invite them back with a coupon for their next booking.

Use our List Builder to target clients at the time they’re most likely to visit the salon or make a purchase. Create the automated marketing campaigns weeks, or even months, in advance, and you can set them to deploy on targeted times or dates. For example, if you know in January that you want to offer a ten percent discount off of services in May, to celebrate your salon’s tenth anniversary, you can create the campaign in January and set it to deploy in late March or April to encourage those May bookings.

Salon Scheduling And Team Management 

Managing your salon team is a big part of your job, and a well-managed team makes for happy employees – which is good for business. STX salon software streamlines many of your employee management tasks, such as timecard tracking and payroll.

Using salon software solutions that include these features also reduces human error. When you’re juggling multiple software programs to track time, make payroll, and perform other accounting functions, there is greater risk of data entry error. This can frustrate employees (when payroll isn’t accurate) and cause you a lot of time and hassle to correct. And using a software that is designed for the beauty industry’s often complex structure of pay tiers is a real game-changer.

Take operations management by storm with a real-time beauty salon scheduling system that can configure multiple schedules, match availability, and fill in gaps when employees are out sick or take vacation. This kind of agility will improve salon workflow tremendously, enabling you and your staff to tailor schedules to the needs of your particular salon.

Dedicated Customer Service And Support

The hallmark of a top salon software for 2023 is excellent customer service and support. Investing in a salon management solution is a big step, and you want to know that the people behind the product will be there when you need them.

Some appointment booking solutions only offer email or chat support, or it can be difficult to reach a live agent. These situations make it very challenging to get timely resolutions or answers to critical questions.

When you invest in STX’s salon management software, you have access to our support team via phone, email, and live chat. We even offer emergency support hours on Sundays.

STX Salon Management Software

The best salon software is designed with your business in mind. It should make your job easier, streamline the workflow at your salon, and help you make solid, informed decisions about how to grow your business. It should do all of this while giving you back the time in your day to focus on providing high-quality services and creating a positive environment for your customers and your employees. A well-run salon can lead to increased business and profits, and STX Software will give you the tools you need to accomplish these goals.

STX Software’s Salon Management System

1. What are the top features of STX Software’s salon management system?

The top features include online booking, mobile apps, point of sale systems, integrated payment processing, business development, team management features, and customer service support.

2. How does STX Software’s online appointment booking system improve salon efficiency?

The online booking system allows customers to book appointments anytime, anywhere, reducing the workload on your staff. It also sends automated appointment confirmations and reminders to reduce no-shows.

3. What are the benefits of STX Software’s salon mobile app for my business?

The mobile app allows your staff to manage appointments, check in guests, scan product barcodes for retail sales, and more, all from their mobile devices. This increases efficiency and flexibility in your salon.

4. How does STX Software’s point of sale and integrated payment processing system work?

The POS system allows you to sell services, retail items, gift cards, and more both in-store and online. The integrated payment processing makes transactions quick and seamless, and keeps a digital record of every transaction.

5. What kind of business reporting does STX salon software provide?

STX provides over 50 available reports to give you deep insight into the health of your business, your client base, and your marketing endeavors. These reports are easy to create and understand.

6. How can STX salon software help with my salon’s marketing efforts?

STX software includes a drag-and-drop builder for creating marketing campaign templates to target clients at the time they’re most likely to purchase or to recover clients who haven’t visited your salon in a while. You can also use the filters in our List Builder to select the recipients of the email campaigns.

7. How does STX Software assist with salon scheduling and team management?

STX software streamlines many employee management tasks, such as timecard tracking and payroll. It also includes a real-time scheduling system that can configure multiple schedules, match availability, and fill in gaps when employees are out.

8. What kind of customer service and support does STX Software offer?

STX offers support via phone, email, and live chat, including emergency support hours on Sundays.

You can give us a call at (800) 766-4778 or visit our website to book a live demo with our team. Contact us today to learn more about STX!

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