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The Marketing Plan You Need to Kickstart Holiday Shopping at Your Salon

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Doesn’t it feel like just yesterday that we were basking in the newness of fall, consuming all things pumpkin spice, and then suddenly BAM! Out of nowhere the Christmas commercials and advertisements kickoff in full-force and you’re scrambling to get your own holiday promotions in order.

You may not have the relentless advertising power like the big-box stores, but businesses of all sizes offer discount incentives and festive events to kickstart the feverish buying spree throughout the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. 

Consider these ideas in preparing for the busy Black Friday (Nov. 29) and Small Business Saturday (Nov. 30) weekend and the days leading up until Christmas.

  1. Promotion Planning — Create a promotion that generates sales at your business for the day. Don’t try to discount as deeply as the big commercial stores, but make sure there’s incentives to bring in foot traffic.

Promotion examples include:

  • Giving and Receiving: Purchase a $100 gift card, get $20 for yourself! Here’s a handy guide on how to perfectly execute this promotion and spare you from any accounting headaches.
  • Giving Back: Purchase a gift and the business will donate a certain percentage to a charity.
  • Bundled services: A 10% discount on 10 haircuts, brow waxes or nail services purchased up front.
  • BOGO: Buy one product, get the second for 20% off!

2. Showcase a Mini-Service Event — Host the event during Small Business Saturday or off-hours to introduce clients to mini-versions of the services offered at your business. Promote services like nail polish change, mini-facial, quick styling, eye makeup, etc. Continue to offer these solutions during your busy holiday season as something that will carry them through the holiday if they can’t get in.

3. Open House Event — Invite your clients to come by the salon for an open house to learn more about the services you offer and the products you sell. Have popular items on display and a point-person in each service area to answer any questions that might come up. Serve snacks and beverages.

4. Gift Card Purchase Raffle — Encourage gift card purchases by entering your clients into a raffle where they could win a gift basket, a year of haircuts, or a gift card.

5. Check-in or “Tag Us” Raffle – Ask guests to check in or tag you on social media throughout the month to be entered into a raffle for a free color or spa service.

Now that you have the wheels spinning on promotions and events, the next step is to inform everyone!

Here are some helpful tips on how to marketing your holiday happenings:

Email Marketing — Create and schedule emails to go out in advance to share the promotions and events that you have to offer. Schedule emails to regularly send in the weeks leading up to Christmas to keep your promotions fresh in clients’ minds as a last-minute gift option, especially if you offer e-Gift cards.

Social Media Marketing — Post about events and promotions on all your social media platforms and add photos of the product bundles, raffles and other discounts you’re offering in-store. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to create content, platforms like Canva offer premade templates that you can plug your details into. Boost your post on Facebook or Instagram to promote your event by targeting locals in your area who may be interested and use location-specific hashtags on your posts as well.

Cross Promote — Band forces with another small business(es) in your area to promote your Black Friday and Small Business Saturday promotions and events on each other’s social media account. You can also invite them to be a part of your holiday events in the spirit of a Christmas bazaar to really kick things up a notch.

We hope you have a wonderful and fruitful holiday season! (And don’t forget to breathe!)

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