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Technology Day 2021: 7 Ways Our Daily Tasks Have Evolved from Then to Now

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A long time ago, I used to work a front desk that had pencils, a paper appointment book, and a till. Today in the modern world, technology has evolved so rapidly that many functions that used to be unimaginable are now happening at the click of a button.  

Since everyone loves a good before and after, check out how much our daily operations have evolved from before the Millennium to today.

Book Standing Appointments

  • Then: Figure out the dates for every six weeks, write down the dates, and then handwrite the client name and phone number in all 12 appointment slots. (Did anyone else’s hand cramp from just reading that?)
  • Now: Simply select Company, Services, and Search, click to book, and click again to email the client a list of their future appointments for reference. (Clients have no idea how spoiled they are these days!)

Service and Product History

  • Then: Index cards stapled together with scribbles of color notes and random facts like, “Has two kids.” (Pray you don’t accidentally mix up or lose cards or notes.)
  • Now: Software shows the exact date, time, worker, and notes, attached to a date and amount paid right in the palm of your hand. (Type as many facts as you want, play 20 Questions, go wild.)

Appointment Reminders

  • Then: Make 34 phone calls daily, leaving the same message regarding their upcoming appointment. (Wow, I do not miss playing phone tag.)
  • Now: Sit back, relax and let the software automate all the appointment reminder emails and texts with confirmation. (No-shows? I don’t know her.)

Purchase Orders

  • Then: Count all the products, figure out the difference between how many you have and how many you should have, write it all down on your clipboard and call it in. (Now my hand is shriveling up AND I’m going crosseyed.)
  • Now: Click Generate, Save, and email to your Rep. (During this time I also washed my face, styled my hair, and bought an island. Multitasking!)


  • Then: Tally the totals for each worker daily and then add up every day for two weeks for each worker. Figure out what is 40% service and 10% retail for each worker and cut a check. (Nothing like a bunch of math before bed to soothe the mind.)
  • Now: Enter Dates, click generate and cut the checks. (Oh, and get yourself an iced latte, you earned it!)


  • Then: Dreaming about how cool it would be to see things like your Client Retention, Rebooking numbers, New Client Count, etc. (Sigh, if only.)
  • Now: View your Dashboard to get a pulse on all these metrics in seconds. (Total report tracking addict over here.)


  • Then: Call a customer, send a handwritten note, rely on word of mouth, or spend big bucks on a local paper advertisement. (Oh, there we are, that tiny square under Dear Abby.)
  • Now: Automated Emails to welcome new clients or thank clients for referring you or email blasts about your upcoming promotions, and on and on. (The possibilities are endless!)

These are just a handful of features that we’ve seen evolve over the years. Now as we continue forward in this new decade, I can’t wait to see what changes we’ll embrace next!

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