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4 Simple Steps to Slay Your Salon’s 2021 Marketing Plan

When it comes to getting your business organized, most of us think about the tangible tasks, like sprucing up product displays, cleaning up the color room, and finally getting around to purging your front desk junk drawer.  

 But what about the intangible organization?

Imagine a world where you were so well-prepared for the big-time salon revenue events like Mother’s Day, Back to School, or Black Friday that you could practically run the whole event with your eyes closed.

Sounds ideal, right?  

If you make a plan now for the rest of the year, your marketing and event planning will be a total cakewalk. (Mmm, cake.)

 Check out these four simple marketing steps for a great year ahead at your salon.


Step #1 – Choose your events

Will you be doing a gift card promotion for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day? Will you host an open house for your salon’s anniversary in the fall? Are you sending out a Back to School reminder in early August?  

Whether you just plan to send a one-time email or plan an extravagant event for your customers, thinking ahead and being prepared is key. Bust out the calendar or planner (or whiteboard if you’re extra) and start plotting out your 2021 events calendar. (Need ideas? Download our free 2021 holiday guide below!)


Step #2 – Plan your marketing timeline

Now that you have your handy list of upcoming events you want to celebrate, consider what the event will require in the weeks leading up to it.  

Create reminders and calendar events to help remind you to complete these tasks or follow up on them on time. Here are some planning tasks to consider:

  • Email Design and Adding to the Scheduled Email Queue
  • Social Media Posts
  • Associated Promotions
  • Scheduling Additional Staff
  • Catering
  • Decorations


Step #3 – Establish who’s in charge

All of your planning will have been for naught if you don’t assign responsibilities now. Think about how each of these tasks will be implemented and who will be responsible for executing them. Maybe different team members have different strengths that you can capitalize on for flawless execution.

Have a brainstorming meeting where you loop in the responsible parties on the expectations and goals for the year. Exchange ideas and coordinate calendars. This is essential whether you’re a team of one or a team of many.


Step #4 – Have fun!  

As stressful as planning may be, the outcome will be worth it.

After all, it’s fun to buy candy hearts that say, “Love You” to tag onto your gift cards or come up with a cheeky BOGO deal for Mother’s Day. Get loose and enjoy! We all deserve a spot of brightness this year and your event just might be what the doctor ordered. 

Last but not least, don’t forget to document your plan to keep it for next year to do it all over again!

After each event think about what went well and what can be improved and plan accordingly for 2022 (and document this, too).  

Cheers to you and a great 2021 ahead! Clink!

Download the 2021 Holiday Calendar!

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