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Cashing in on Social Media: The Four C’s

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Would you rather lose your sense of smell or your mobile device? According to Media Bistro, 53 percent of millennials would choose to keep their mobile devices. Surprisingly, this study was not conducted with cosmetology students on perm day. Statistics like this are an eye opener for small business and point to how important it is to stay ahead of the technology curve.

Mobile culture has changed the way modern salons manage themselves, ranging from the way color notes are kept to how appointments are booked — but perhaps it is marketing that has been most impacted. Mobile-centric management tools like STX Software’s cloud-based STX Cloud software are designed to take advantage of this shift, allowing virtually any management or marketing function to be carried out on any device, anywhere.

“53 percent of millennials would choose to keep their mobile devices over their sense of smell.”

Outside of the salon environment, most people use their mobile devices to stay connected via social media. Engaging guests online using these virtual town squares keeps you culturally relevant and ensures that you’re top-of-mind when your services are needed.

Unleashing an effective online engagement strategy should be considered critical to your present and future marketing efforts, and it’s all about the four C’s: Create, Culture, Connect, and Curate.


Create videos or photos for social media that showcase your salon’s abilities. Collaborate as a team to create a completed look. Divvy up the responsibilities of color, cutting, styling, make-up, and nail art. You may even want to involve a nearby boutique to style your look and cross promote. Additional tip: Take photos during the process to drum up excitement from followers!


Culture means creating a community among your guests. Do you remember a time when someone shared an expert tip with you? Did it feel like the secret to happiness? Guests feel this way too! Bring them in the loop by sharing a professional tip, telling them about new products, or how they can save money by joining a rewards program or referring a friend. A little knowledge goes a long way!


Connect with guests by engaging them on social media. Make your business Facebook page an open forum for asking about beauty advice. Feature guests in a weekly makeover promotion for #transformationtuesday and quote what they love most about your salon.


Curate and design an overall vibe and look for your salon. People are naturally attracted to continuity and creativity, so make sure your branding and appearance are consistent as you move between Facebook, Instagram, your webpage, gift cards, and email marketing.

FAQs about using Social Media

Q: What is the significance of mobile devices in the salon industry?

Mobile devices play a vital role in modern salons’ management and marketing. They allow the handling of functions such as maintaining color notes, booking appointments, and conducting marketing, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Q: How can I use social media to enhance my salon business operations?

You can capitalize on social media by devising an online engagement strategy based on the four C’s: Create, Culture, Connect, and Curate. You can create relevant content featuring your salon services, foster a community with your clients, engage with them actively online, and maintain a cohesive and appealing branding across your social platforms.

Q: How can I leverage my salon’s abilities using social media?

Create videos or pictures showcasing your salon’s abilities and share them across various social media platforms. Collaborate as a team to display a completed look, involving multiple aspects, such as color, cutting, styling, make-up, and nail art. Document the process through photos to generate excitement amongst your followers.

Q: What does the ‘Culture’ principle of the four C’s involve?

The ‘Culture’ principle revolves around building a community among your guests. It involves sharing expert tips, informing your guests about new products, savings through joining rewards programs or referring friends.

Q: How can my salon connect with guests through social media platforms?

Make your business Facebook page an open forum for asking about beauty advice. Feature guests in weekly makeovers promotions, quote what they love most about your salon, and provide them opportunities to engage with your brand.

Q: What does ‘Curate’ imply in leveraging social media for salon marketing?

‘Curate’ encompasses creating an overall appearance and ambiance of your salon that’s attractive and consistent across all your social media platforms. Maintaining brand consistency while moving across Facebook, Instagram, your webpage, and email marketing can significantly influence customer engagement and loyalty.

Q: Are there specific social media platforms that work best for salon marketing?

While all social media platforms offer potential benefits, Instagram is often popular due to its highly visual nature, perfectly suited to showcasing salon works. Facebook is also valuable as it allows for open forums and direct communication with your guests.

Q: What tips can help in creating effective social media content for my salon?

Some effective practices include content batching or creating multiple days’ worth of content at once, posting before-and-after treat photos, offering discounts and incentives to your followers, and creating a “get to know us” series to introduce your stylists to potential clients.

Q: How can my salon’s social media page serve as an extension of my brand?

Your salon’s social media is akin to your digital portfolio. Customers who book online are often influenced by the unique hairstyles, colors, and treatments they see showcased on your social media platforms, hence maintaining a well-curated and engaging visual and textual content is crucial for attracting and retaining clientele.

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