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7 Inspire Reports to Run for Top Tax Time Prep


With the tax filing deadline right around the corner (April 18, 2022, mark your calendars), here are seven reports to run in your Inspire by STX software to help you prepare for crunching your final numbers and planning the year ahead.

1. Tax Summary Report

The Tax Summary Report breaks down the services and products sold, the amount that was taxable, and the amount that was not taxable by worker. It also displays any Service Packages that were sold that were non-taxable and taxable.

2. Gift List Report

You and your accountant may be interested in the total number of gifts issued last year and what the year-end current total balance of those yet to be redeemed is. This information can be found on the Gift List Report.

3. Packages Report

The Packages Report is a great tool to report on packages sold during year and the remaining value of the package.  The remaining balance total is an important figure as the business owes these service dollar amounts to clients.

4. Tip Summary Report

The Tips Summary Report displays the tips Left In Drawer and Paid Out totals for all workers for the date range. The totals for each individual worker can then be provided to them for their tax purposes as well.


5. Inventory Usage Report

As part of business expenses, the Inventory Usage Report will be helpful as it displays the products used and the total cost of those items as recorded by the staff in inventory usage throughout the specified date range.

6. Promotion List Report

When considering the marketing costs of the business, the Promotion List Report will be handy. It shows each promotion, its start and end dates, duration of the promotion, discount amount, and compares services and retail for the period and lifetime of the promotion 

7. Price Adjustment Report

The Price Adjustment Report notes any instance where a service or product’s original price was greater than or less than the original price, and displays a grand total. Changes to service and/or retail prices, promotions, and rewards program discounts are all included in this report.

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