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4 Targeted Emails to Give Your Click-Through Rate 50% Boost

Targeted emails have been shown to have a 50% higher click-through rate (CTR) from the email to the links within. More clicks mean more engagement with your clients which means — you guessed it — more sales.

With targeted automated email marketing campaigns, you get twice the bang. 

You save valuable time by setting up the template and sending criteria once. Only the segment of clients who fit the criteria profile and timing get that specific email making it feel more personal and relevant to them.

Here are four targeted email campaigns that you can automate to send to guests to get more clients through the door.


Miss You Email

The first example of effective targeted emails is the Miss You email. 

Create a few benchmarks with different versions of the same message to deploy at 8 weeks, 12 weeks, and 15 weeks to clients who didn’t rebook at their last appointment.

When the last visit thresholds for a client reaches the specific date and they do not have a future appointment scheduled, the email encouraging them to come back would land in their mailbox. It’s a great reminder to your clients who may not realize how long it’s been since their last visit.

Rewards Reminder Email

If you offer a Rewards program, two targeted emails can help clients stay enthusiastic about earning and redeeming points (which actually means they are spending).

The first rewards email to implement is the You’re So Close auto-generated email when the client is near a reward level.

For example, if the program gives 10% off a service when they reach 1000 points, 20% off a product if they save up 1800 points, and 25% off a service at 3000, then sending emails at 850, 1650, or 2750 points could help motivate the client towards a spending a little extra on a service or product just to earn the reward. 


Redeem Rewards Email

The second type of Rewards email you can set up is the “Redeem Reward” reminder.

When your guest reaches a rewards tier, set up an automated email to alert them of their achievement and thank them for their continued loyalty. Be sure to include a link to your online booking page and encourage them to come in and redeem their reward.


Referral “Thank You” Email

Lastly, “Referral Thank You” emails should be prompt and often. Having those set to go out within hours of the referred guest’s service visit can make a lasting impression.

Expressing your appreciation for helping grow your business and appreciation for their trust in you and your team are key items to include. 

Take this concept a step further by having an automated email sent after three new referrals and at five new guests, which perhaps even include thank you discounts or free trial products as an added incentive.

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