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Build Your Best Book Using the FOIL Method

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The epic battle between accommodating clients and reducing long lulls in your day is a tale as old as time for stylists and technicians.

However, building a full day on your appointment book can be tricky, too. How many times have you found yourself stuck with a five-hour break in your day? It reduces your productivity and profit margin, plus it’s downright frustrating. Helping fold towels isn’t that time-consuming, right?  

One way to strike the right balance when planning your schedule is to use the FOIL booking method to optimize your appointment book. The FOIL booking method is a simple, four-part solution that allows you to best utilize your time by filling in your calendar in a way that eliminates annoying gaps.

The FOIL Booking Method

F — is for First, as in the first appointment of the day

O — is for Outer, any booking that can go outside of a previously booked appointment

I — is for Inner, bookings that can be squeezed inside of another appointment (i.e. double booking color)

L — is for Last, as in the last appointment of the day

Example of how to use the FOIL Method in the STX Cloud Appointment Book

Offering these specific times helps you take control of where bookings are placed. If the times offered don’t work for your client, then naturally the next best thing is to ask what times would work and be accommodating.  

Here’s an example of a booking call:

Front Desk:  You would like a haircut with Jennifer, and what is the best day for you to come in?

Guest: Tuesday

Front Desk: Great! I can do 9 a.m., 10 a.m., 11 a.m. or 2 p.m.?

Guest: 2 p.m. Sounds great!   

Using this method to plan your day is a great way for anyone trying to maximize the efficiency of their booked appointments and is an easy way for new front desk staff to understand the value in booking properly.  

An even easier solution is to use a salon software equipped to assist your front desk in creating a perfectly balanced schedule. STX Software has a patented algorithm called “Appointment Builder” to search for one or multiple appointments based on rank. This foolproof feature takes booking to the next level and reduces the amount of lulls or booking errors.

FAQs about FOIL method

Q: What is the FOIL booking method?

The FOIL booking method is a systematic approach used to optimize the scheduling of appointments. It aims to leverage specific time intervals to align client appointments efficiently, thereby eliminating unnecessary gaps in the daily schedule and increasing productivity.

Q: How does the FOIL booking method work?

With the FOIL booking method, stylists and technicians offer clients specific times for appointments. If these times don’t fit the client’s schedule, they inquire about alternative suitable times. This approach allows professionals to control where bookings are placed, reducing long lulls in their day and increasing their overall efficiency.

Q: What are the advantages of using the FOIL booking method?

The FOIL booking method offers several benefits. It aids in the optimal utilization of time by minimizing gaps between appointments. Additionally, it helps in seamlessly planning the work day, boosting productivity and profits. Furthermore, it’s an easy method for front desk staff to grasp, enabling them to understand the importance of booking correctly.

Q: What is the role of salon software in booking appointments, and how does it relate to the FOIL booking method?

Salon software such as STX Cloud empowers front desk staff with tools like the patented “Appointment Builder” algorithm to streamline the appointment booking process. It helps in creating a perfectly balanced schedule, taking the FOIL method to the next level. This feature reduces booking errors and unnecessary lulls, thereby complementing the FOIL booking method’s ethos.

Q: How does the FOIL booking method affect the relationship between the service providers and their clients?

By offering specific times for appointments and being accommodating to changing needs, the FOIL booking method helps service providers build a more organized and reliable image. This approach can enhance client trust and satisfaction, strengthening the relationship between them and promoting client retention.

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