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4 New Salon Practices to Carry Into 2021

One positive outcome of the challenges we faced this year was our newfound introspection. The pandemic forced us to slow down, take a step back, and reevaluate how we operate in our personal and professional lives.

From implementing new salon safety standards, to increasing client communication, to finally sitting down and making that financial plan you’ve been avoiding, the changes we have made this year will ultimately benefit us moving forward.

So as we gratefully head into the new year, here are four positive practices we’ve seen popularized this year that you should carry over into 2021.


1. The New Client Experience

When it came to reopening safely, it meant reevaluating what a day looked like in the salon from the moment a client arrived until the last employee left for the day.

Fortunately, the cosmetology industry was arguably one of the most prepared industries for dealing with infection control and the safety of clients and service providers in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic than any other. Beyond that, it was the little extra steps that left a lasting impact.

Enhanced safety standards paired with client-facing options like online booking, client self check-in and touch-free payments allowed guests to maintain distance and limit unnecessary contact when visiting the salon, while also streamlining the salon’s day-to-day operations. The convenience factor is unbeatable.


2. Convenient Self Check-In

Speaking of convenience, technology became a major player this year. From ordering groceries to scheduling appointments, having easy access to services at the touch of our fingertips was a crucial development.

The need to socially distance posed a challenge that was quickly met by the introduction of client self check-in. Clients were able to let their stylists know that they had arrived without overcrowding the waiting area, and stylists could use the notification system to welcome clients in once they had completed the necessary sanitation practices between guests.

Now that your clients are accustomed to this new standard, keep it going in 2021! Many guests are more comfortable waiting outside or in their cars (personally, I’m always trying to squeeze in the last couple minutes of a podcast), and it allows you to take your time wrapping up services and preparing for your next client. Slow down and stress less.


3. 24/7 Online Offerings

With shutdowns and limitations dictating the way salons were able to operate this year, having online options for guests made all the difference.

Customers flocked to their phones and computers to purchase digital gift cards to support their favorite small businesses or made online retail purchases from local shops instead of big box stores. (Shoutout to everyone who hustled to make local deliveries or run a curbside pickup operation!) 

Meanwhile, online appointment booking allowed salons the flexibility to regularly adjust and update hours, services offered, or stylist availability to maintain a steady stream of customers that accommodated new safety regulations.

Guests didn’t have to guess or constantly call to inquire about availability, they could simply visit your website to see the latest information and availability and book when they felt most comfortable coming in.

Plus adding your new salon procedures to appointment notifications and reminders ensured they were always prepared to follow the mandated guidelines for their visit to keep everyone healthy. We won’t soon forget how everyone truly came together this year to create a safe working environment to keep businesses open.


4. Improved Communication

Being away from clients for undetermined stretches of time compelled salons to become more dynamic with their methods and frequency of communication.

From daily emails and social media posts, to embracing innovative ways to generate revenue, guests were treated to an enhanced level of communication by their salons that should become a regular practice moving forward.

Continue to send regular emails and create social media posts with new tips and tricks for styling hair at home for your guests and followers. Statistics report that 59% of consumers say marketing emails influence their purchase decisions, so take the opportunity to actively include the products you carry in your salon in your tutorials. This is a great opportunity to both educate your guests and boost your retail numbers in 2021.

We hope that as you spend the last day of 2020 reflecting on this year that you’re able to celebrate your victories, big or small. Whether it be the health of your loved ones or the health of your business, ending the year on a bright note is the best way to begin a new chapter and we look forward to seeing what 2021 brings.

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