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4 Automated Emails to Make Clients Think You’re Going the Extra Mile

Studies show 61% of consumers enjoy receiving promotional emails weekly. Perhaps even more surprising is 38% say they would like emails to come even more frequently.

Don’t be afraid to email your clients more often. With the help of specially targeted automated emails, you can deliver incredibly timely information to your guests that will have them wondering, “How do they have the time in the day to email everyone like this?”

Here are four automated email campaigns to make your clients feel like you’re always going the extra mile.

Post-Appointment Email

Send a Post-Appointment Email as a follow-up. Include a thank you note expressing your appreciation to your guest for choosing to invest their time, money and trust in you.

Be sure to include any upcoming events or sales at your business your guests may be interested in, as well as links to connect with you on social media. (Hosting a selfie giveaway where your clients post a selfie of their new look and tags your business to win free products or services is always a hit!)

After Service Follow-up Email

Send an After Service Follow-up Email auto-generated based on the specific service the client came in for to show your business’s attention to detail. 

The email can include a couple tips on how to recreate the look or feel at home, and remind them of best care or maintenance instructions for proper upkeep until their next appointment.

If you recommend specific products that you carry in-store or online to maintain a particular look, include them in the email along with any retail deals you may be running at the time! It’s a great way to suggest products without seeming pushy.

Post Product Purchase Email

Set up a Post Product Purchase Email to deploy when specific products or products from a certain Product Line are purchased.

Use this opportunity to spotlight the best feature(s) of the product and reinforce how to use or apply it. After all, if your customer doesn’t know how to properly use the product, they’ll blame the product itself and quite possibly you for selling them a “bad” item. Being a good teacher is how you win the retail game.

Suggest other products that compliment the use of the one purchased for further consideration.

Birthday Email(s)

You know those people who insist on celebrating their birthday all month long? They may be onto something here. Instead of only sending one email around the client’s birthday, consider automating two.

Set one to go out on the first day of each month for clients born during that month; set a second one to generate daily going out to anyone with a birthday on that date.

When designing the Birth Month Email have this one be the “gift from you” like a discount on service or product this month. By sending it early, you prevent your potential revenue opportunity from getting buried in your guest’s inbox on their actual birthday with the other offers they might receive that day.

Have the Birthdate Email be a simple “Thinking of you on your special day” sentiment from you and your team. Feel free to include a reminder about the birthday gift you offered in your previous email.

(Pro tip: STX Cloud Enhanced, Enhanced+ and Advanced users can easily set this up in the Marketing Suite by going to Marketing > Marketing Email > Automated Campaigns.)

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