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4 Automated Email Marketing Campaigns to Drive Salon Revenue

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Do you ever feel like there are enough hours in the day? (Yeah, we’re laughing right now, too.) 

 As busy as salon operations can get, STX Cloud makes it easy to drive revenue to your business 24/7 by automating your every day tasks within the software using artificial intelligence. Simply design an email, enable automated email and STX Cloud will do the rest!  

Here are four easy email campaigns you can automate that will leave people marveling, “How on earth do they have the time?” 

We Miss You

Automatically remind your clients it’s time to book!  

Sometimes new growth or overgrown sideburns aren’t enough of a prompt. Sending a reminder can get guests back in a week or two sooner, or just get them in, period, which can lead to more visits every year and more money in your pocket.  

Create emails to automatically send out if a client does not have a future appointment booked and has not been in for 6 weeks, 12 weeks, 24 weeks, 48 weeks…you get the picture. A little attentiveness can go a long way.

Cancelled Appointments

If this feature isn’t the coolest thing ever, we don’t know what is!  

STX Cloud will automatically email clients who cancelled an appointment and did not book another within 48 hours. Although the front desk typical asks, “Would you like to reschedule?” during the moment of cancellation, this email is another way to try to reabsorb that lost revenue. 

Double down by including your Online Booking link in the automated email in case they want to reschedule, but are busy during your business hours. It takes all the pressure off your client having to decide on a new appointment immediately, while still giving them the option to rebook when they’re ready. 

Product Purchase

Time to stop scraping the bottom of the pomade jar, dude.  

When you sell a product, STX Cloud will automatically remind the client that it’s time to restock weeks later. Assign different timeframes for different products based on the average timeframe to run out.  

Consider upselling by helpfully suggesting related products, such as shaving products for guests purchasing men’s grooming clay or heat protectants on all color-saving shampoo or conditioner purchases. Your client may be intrigued enough to try a new product and you can pocket that bonus.

First Visit

Give new guests a handy “you” guide to use now and in the future!

Anytime someone has their first visit in your salon, STX Cloud can automatically email the client the next day to follow-up and include all the things that make your business great. 

One must-have inclusion to drive revenue is a link to all your service offerings. Guests may not know the scope of what you do, like waxing, nails, extensions, etc., so let them know! Secondly, your online booking link for them to schedule more appointments is mandatory. 

Additional items to consider: Links to review sites, a client satisfaction survey, rewards program details, referral incentives and cancellation policies. If you cover all your bases, you never miss out on another revenue opportunity.

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