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3 Ho-Ho-Holiday Promotions for Boosting Your Salon’s January Sales


While the holiday season in a salon is traditionally a super busy time of year, it is often accompanied by the dreaded January lull.

It’s not uncommon for salons to be slower in those first couple months post-holiday high, but luckily there are so many ways to get creative with your holiday marketing ideas that will make guests excited to come back through your doors in the new year.

Here are three simple promotions you can start in November 2020 that will promote better business beginning in January 2021.


1. Bonus Vouchers

The easiest and most common promotion you see around the holidays is the classic “Buy a $100 Gift Card, Get a $20 Voucher.”

At the end of the day, this promotion has a purpose to be beneficial for both you and the purchaser…if executed correctly.

Here’s the major key: The $20 bonus voucher is not just handing out free money — it’s supposed to be used specifically toward a service and it’s supposed to have an explicit expiry date by the end of January or February to keep you busy during those slower months. Don’t lose money by allowing the bonus voucher to be used on retail or have an overly long use-by date that doesn’t benefit you during your downtime.

We recommend working with a local printer to get $20 certificates with the terms of use on them. This promo is highly profitable when done right. (Check out our full rundown of do’s and don’ts for executing this promotion flawlessly.)

Bonus: Your accountant will thank you if you don’t try to hand out $120 and only accept $100 in return. Win-win.


2. Rebook Raffle

Another concept going around is the Rebook Raffle, where clients get entered into a raffle for rebooking an appointment scheduled for January.

The idea behind this promotion is that if you book an appointment between November 15 – December 31, in the new year you can enter your name in the Rebook Raffle for a prize.

How you choose to distribute entries is up to you. You can come up with a tiered system, e.g. if you rebook the same appointment it’s one entry, if you rebook a “new-to-you” service then it’s three entries, and if you purchase a package and schedule an appointment in January or February, it’s five entries.

At your front desk you would want to have sheets of paper for guests to write their names and contact info on and drop them into a big bowl. Some ideas for a prize could be free haircuts or a blow out party for your guest and five friends. If there are certain services that you know are a big hit amongst your clients, lean into that for your prize to get guests excited about being entered to win.

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3. BOGO. Kind of.

Lastly, another promotion is a play on the old “buy one, get one” concept that ultimately boosts your salon’s retail AND retention numbers. The idea is that if a client purchases three products together in November/December, they receive a coupon for $20 off any service in January.

If you make a point to spruce up your salon’s retail area for the holidays, guests will likely purchase three products as a gift, or maybe you recommend three products during their service anyhow, or they’ll feel like they’re getting one product free.

However they are encouraged to purchase the three products, it will boost your sales this month as well as encourage them to schedule that January appointment to redeem their gift.

So whether you use one or all of these ideas, we hope they are helpful in reviving the month of January as a traditionally lower sales month. Best of luck to you with your promotions! We can’t wait to hear how beneficial they were!


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