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3 Campaigns to Boost Salon and Spa Sales During Independent Retailer Month


During July, the word “independence” typically invokes images of American flags and fireworks, but our nation’s day of freedom isn’t the only official celebration of independence this month.

Formally established in 2011, Independent Retailer Month is an annual month-long celebration in both the United States and the United Kingdom that encourages consumers to shop at local businesses that create positive social and economic impacts in their area.

Studies have shown that small businesses funnel anywhere from 30% to 46% of revenue back into their local communities, generating returns that are 130% higher than competing national chains and 676% greater than the returns, on average, for Amazon.

In the wake of COVID-19’s catastrophic impact on so many small businesses, shopping local and celebrating independent retailers has never been more important for the economic health, sustainability, and diversity of our neighborhoods.

Independent Retailer Month presents the perfect opportunity for you to connect with your customers by highlighting your story and value to the community, and encouraging them to patronize your business over their go-to, big-box stores.

Here are 3 types of promotional campaigns you can use to boost your salon’s or spa’s retail sales during the month of July and win your customers’ purchasing power for the future.

In-Store Campaigns

First things first, let your guests know what you’re celebrating! 

Download the official Independent Retailer Month marketing materials — including social media badges, signs for your front window or front desk, and thank you postcards to distribute to loyal patrons—to raise awareness about the holiday. Or if you’re feeling creative, design your own promotional content in an easy-to-use tool like Canva for a more personalized flair.

Next, focus on establishing your value and solidifying customer allegiance.

Gaining the trust and loyalty of your customers is your most profitable asset, as 39.4% of dedicated consumers will spend more on a product even if there are cheaper options elsewhere. In the age of endless eCommerce sites and diversion practices, this price-blind dedication is truly invaluable to your salon or spa.

“39.4% of dedicated consumers will spend more on a product even if there are cheaper options elsewhere. ”


Seize the opportunity to rapidly build or promote your own customer loyalty program and memberships by offering incentivized rewards specifically for the month of July, like a bonus coupon or gift for every dollar spent in a single purchase, limited edition packages, or discounted product bundles exclusive to members.  

Make sure your front desk is actively promoting loyalty sign-ups at check out and informing your guests about all of the great perks you’re offering not only this month, but throughout the year. After all, customers enrolled in a loyalty program are 35% more likely to keep returning, so don’t miss out on your chance to create a lifelong fan!

If you’re the ultimate host, consider holding a happy hour for guests with exclusive discounts or services available for attendees. 

Team up with other small businesses in your area to offer small-batch snacks and drinks during services in your salon or spa, or create a boutique-like atmosphere with a special retail section offering goods from local artisans. This will also give you the opportunity to rearrange your retail space and highlight products that you feel are being overlooked or underselling. 

In exchange, have participating businesses distribute marketing materials or coupons to get the word out about your salon’s special offers for the month.

(Tip: Use social media to poll your followers about which specific small businesses they love in your area for ideas on who to partner with to appeal to your ideal demographic!)

Online Campaigns

Now let’s get the word out about your promotions online.

Take the time to reintroduce your salon and stylists to followers old and new by making short “About Us” posts or videos on your social feed. Many of your current guests may not even be familiar with your story, so now’s your chance to explain your passion and dedication behind the scenes and share your mission statement with your audience.

Be sure to take advantage of Instagram Reels, the algorithm’s current favorite tool, to create brief clips showing off your favorite products, quick tours around the business, your stylists’ recommendations for their favorite local spots, and more.

In addition to your regular hashtags, join fellow small business owners also celebrating the holiday by including the official #indieretail hashtag on your social media posts, and to allow the campaign a chance to highlight your business’ efforts on their platform.

If it’s in your budget, run ads on Facebook and Instagram targeting preferred customers in your area. Promote any specials or events you have going on for the month, or offer exclusive coupons that can only be redeemed in-store to drive foot traffic to your salon. 

Create online buzz by holding a photo contest for your clients where they have to post a selfie of themselves at your salon or showing off their service results. Have them tag your business and use your designated hashtag in the caption so you can track entries. Offer a gift card, free products, or discounted services as the grand prize(s). 

You could even collaborate with other local businesses for a larger, more lucrative loop giveaway in order to drive new followers, AKA potential new customers, to your account. 

(Aren’t you glad you retold your story now?)

Community Campaigns

Getting involved in your community on a personal level is a great way to breathe new life into your word-of-mouth acquisitions, which is still the most lucrative form of marketing.

“90% of people are much more likely to trust a recommended brand (even from strangers).”


Have your salon or spa sponsor a local fundraising event or have your team participate in a local project that gives back to your area, like a community cleanup. Use this time to get to know the leaders in your community and build connections with unfamiliar faces in your neighborhood (who could very well end up becoming familiar faces, if you catch my drift).

If organization is your superpower, host an in-store fundraiser of your own, like a community back-to-school drive to collect must-have items for underprivileged students where you offer discounts on products or services to anyone who donates, or offer a day of free haircuts or treatments for individuals in need.

Alternatively, you could also choose to donate a percentage of all transactions made at your business for the month to go toward a specific local charity that directly benefits your community. If you offer online booking, add a note to your booking page about your fundraising efforts for the month. 

Make sure to get the word out via friends and family, social media, email campaigns, posters around town, and by reaching out to local news to promote your efforts and get the community involved in your project. It’s a win-win for everyone.

We hope you use these ideas to promote your small business during Independent Retailer Month. Businesses like yours are the backbone of our communities and we hope you’ll join us in supporting and celebrating fellow local retailers and the importance of shopping small.

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