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Top 10 Tips for Salon Holiday Preparedness


It happens every year — the holidays inevitably spring up out of nowhere and knock you right off your feet.

This year, take control and be proactive about planning ahead so when the holiday chaos arrives at your salon’s doorstep, you will be as cool as a cucumber.

Here are 10 simple steps you can take right now to have your salon running like a well-oiled machine as the holiday season ramps up. (Don’t forget to download your free checklist below!)

Tip #1 Restock Gift Cards

Don’t wait until the last minute! You don’t want to try to re-order and expedite on December 12th.

Tip #2 – Promote Gift Sales

Promote your salon’s gift sales online or via the STX Welcome App to reduce traffic in the salon.

Tip #3 – Require a Card On File

Expedite the checkout process by requiring a card on file for booking appointments.

Tip #4 – Make a Sales Plan

Make a plan for the major holiday sales weekend. If you have Black Friday, Small Business Saturday or Cyber Monday offerings, outline how you will promote them via social media, email and in your salon.

Tip #5 – Print Your Vouchers

If you’ll be offering $20 with every $100 gift purchase, get your $20 vouchers printed ASAP. Be sure to check out our key do’s and don’ts for running this promotion in your salon.

Tip #6 – Promote Availability

Promote your last minute openings as they happen on social media. The best kind of DM-sliding!

Tip #7 – Extend Your Hours

Consider opening earlier or staying later and sharing your holiday hours via email marketing and on your social media. If you’re extending your hours for a prolonged period of time, update your Google and Yelp listings.

Tip #8 – Encourage Rebooking

Encourage appointment rebooking for January/February to keep those months busy. For tips on how to get your guests back through the door in the new year, check out these three easy salon promotions you can run.

Tip #9 – Spruce Up Retail

Update your checkout area to for the holidays by including stocking stuffers and gift ideas. Invest in gift bags or boxes to create a multi-product gift option with gift packaging.

Tip #10 – Offer Holiday Packages

Offer “Glow Up” packages for New Year’s Eve, like Hairstyling and Makeup or Haircut and Beard Trim combos. Even consider an eyes-only makeup offering to squeeze-in more appointments for the big day.

And a partridge in a pear tree…oh wait — that’s a different listing. We hope this list helps get you ready for the next couple months.

There is one more very important tip and its to carve out time to plan a post holiday celebration for your awesome team who has really done a fantastic job this year. You deserve it!

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