STX Online Services puts you right where the action is with the power tools essential for reaching your online audience.

Online Booking

Over one-third of guests prefer to book online and STX helps you get their business. Our online booking system synchronizes with STX, and appointments booked online automatically appear in your STX Appointment Book.

Guests appreciate:
  • 24/7 access for scheduling services
  • Automated appointment email and/or text reminders
  • Convenience of clicking an email link to confirm an appointment
You will appreciate:
  • Call volume reduction for reception desk
  • Synchronization of online appointments with desktop appointment book
  • Acceptance of prepayments for online appointments

Automated, Off-Site Data Backup

Online Services gives you the security of automated, off-site data backup. Your business retains all your data on-site and STX backs it up to our remote, secure Online Services Center by using your Internet connection.

Employee Corner

Allow your staff to view their appointment book from any web browser. You control the access and they can see their schedule any time of the day or night.

Email Marketing

Your client list is an untapped goldmine of goodwill and increased revenue – reach out to your most receptive audience with your branded emails.


Our large selection of templates allows you to customize your message and graphics. Filter your recipient list by type of services, spending habits, product usage, length of time since last appointment, etc.


Once you’ve created the perfect campaign, our secure STX servers deliver your message. We monitor delivery progress and comply with the CAN-SPAM Act. We also optimize messages to reduce the likelihood that spam filters will block them.


Tagged information in each message can tell you which emails were opened and read and what links were clicked. Guests who respond to your campaign by coming in and purchasing are tracked, giving you precise information on the effectiveness of your message and the revenue you reap from each one.

Gift Certificate / Gift Card Sales

With Online Services, your business is open 24/7. With just a few clicks, your guests can purchase certificates or gift cards for friends and family, and the transaction is automatically transferred into STX.

No Technical Expertise Required

STX is your web host, programmer and technical support. You only need three things: STX software, a Mac computer, and an Internet connection.